Carnival of Light

As reported on, a “lost” Beatles track has been getting some attention recently. Mr. McCartney has implied a release of this track called “Carnival of Light.” Recorded in 1967 — in the midst of Sgt Peppers, just after Revolver‘s release — the 14-minute track supposedly contains some of the Beatles most experimental music “inspired by avant-garde composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen.”

CNN further reports: “The improvised work features distorted electric guitars, discordant sound effects, a church organ and gargling interspersed with McCartney and John Lennon shouting random phrases like “Barcelona” and “Are you all right?” — a sentence that makes me froth at the mouth in anticipation. If “Carnival of Light” sounds like the folks at CNN make it sound, it will quickly be on my favorite Beatles list, right up there with “Blue Jay Way,” “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and “Strawberry Fields“. Now that I think of it, the outro of “Strawberry Fields” — recorded originally for Peppers but making its way on Magical Mystery Tour in ’67, might point us in the right direction of what this track might sound like (see video below). But that’s pure speculation.

Who knows if the Beatles machine will be able to push this out in time for the holidays (as they have done every year with the Cirque du Soleil remixes, the Anthology series, Let it Be (Naked), etc), but it’s certainly worked in the past. Maybe we’ll be lucky. Might I suggest a limited edition vinyl, plus download? Wishful thinking, I guess.