By A Little Light at Millennium Park

A huge congratulations to Matt Ulery and crew (Rob Clearfield, Michael Caskey, eighth blackbird, Zach Brock, Grazyna Auguscik) for a stellar performance at Chicago’s Millennium Park last night. We heard from so many people — many who had never heard this music — while hanging at the merch shanti table how special the music was. Perfectly fitting of the evening, the tunes seemed to part the clouds that had plagued the city all day and offer more than just a little light near the end of the evening and into the night. We’ve seen some great shows at the Pritzker, but there was something magical about the sounds and sights of last night. And we’re glad so many folks were there.

If you haven’t checked out Matt’s latest recording featuring the music from last night, head over to the By A Little Light page. Listen to tunes, watch videos, and of course, purchase the music.