Avishai, Jeremy and Keyon school me.

FONT is on!

Last night I heard an amazing set at the Jazz Standard. The whole time I was sitting there thinking, man I gotta go home and practice! Killing trumpet playing!

It was so refreshing to see three trumpeters play so well together, and to hear the context of the rhythm section change so swiftly with each one. Very unique and thrilling evening of music.

Out Of The Battlefield with
Avishai Cohen (trumpeter)
Jeremy Pelt (trumpeter)
Keyon Harrold (trumpeter)
Jason Lindner (piano)
Barak Mori (bass)
Kendrick Scott (drums)

Jeremy’s got a whole Live Music series happening on his web site that’s incredible. You can hear a lot of his recent performances right at the link above.

Keyon Harrold is aka K-Lassik, and you can hear a lot of his new music at the link above. Looking at K-Lassik’s site turned me on to this great site I didn’t know:

Woody Shaw!!!

And Avishai’s got links to Quicktime videos of his gigs. Nice.

Thanks everyone for the music!

Tonight it’s Taylor Ho Bynum and Stephen Haynes Double Trio.