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ANFTD #52: Rory Stuart

Guitarist, composer, educator, author Rory Stuart talks to Dave about arrival in New York, composing and rhythmic devices, and his new series of books, The Rhythm Book, volumes one through six. The books are a progressive study of rhythm based on work Rory has developed over 26 years at The New School for Jazz in New York. We hear excerpts from two of Rory’s albums, Hurricane and So Rise Up.

"Push Pull", Hurricane (Sunnyside 1986)
Rory Stuart - guitar
Keith Copeland - drums
Anthony Cox - bass
Armen Donelian - piano

"Experiment #2", So Rise Up (Smart Cat Music 2004)
Rory Stuart - guitar
Ari Hoenig - drums
Matt Penman - bass
Mark Shim - saxophone

"Track 1", The Shadows (unreleased) from “Hurricane” (Sunnyside)
Rory Stuart - guitar
Keith Copeland - drums
Anthony Cox - bass
Armen Donelian - piano

"Lembranças", So Rise Up (Smart Cat Music)
Rory Stuart - guitar
Ari Hoenig - drums
Matt Penman - bass
Mark Shim - saxophone

"Synechdoche In Schenectady", So Rise Up (Smart Cat Music)
Rory Stuart - guitar
Ari Hoenig - drums
Matt Penman - bass
Mark Shim - saxophone


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SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: Trail of Dreams– Track 6

UPLIFT Six: Trail of Dreams

The way we treat immigrants in this country says a lot about who we are. Emma Lazarus long ago told us to open our arms and welcome everyone. Now we are in a struggle just to extend simple humanity to people who live in this country peacefully and productively — in many cases for decades — the Dreamers. One of the great hallmarks of the U.S.A. is the diversity of the people here. It’s an essential part of what has always made this country rich and vibrant, even despite the many troubling aspects of our history. In this year of activism, I feel it is only right that we also join the struggle to ensure that our nation respects and welcomes our brothers and sisters from all parts of the globe, starting right away with those who already live and work among us. On the release of this track, the 6th installment of UPLIFT, please join me in supporting Coalition of Immokalee Workers and The Center for New Americans — two of the many outstanding groups working on behalf of immigrants with support for language, documentation, family services, and housing, just a few of the many services needed on this issue. Thank you.

The composition "Trail of Dreams" was initially inspired by Katha Pollitt’s poem, "Trying To Write A Poem Against The War".

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Joe Lovano, alto clarinet
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Julian Lage, guitar
Bill Laswell, bass
Ian Chang, drums and electronics
Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY December 2017

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ANFTD #51: Marcus Strickland

Dave talks to multi-reed player, composer, Blue Note recording artist Marcus Strickland. Aside from leading his own bands, Marcus has had long stints with both Roy Haynes and Jeff ’Tain’ Watts. Marcus was also a key member of Dave’s Keystone electric sextet and appears on the Greenleaf Music albums Keystone, Moonshine, and Spark Of Being (Marcus plays soprano sax on the original "A Noise From The Deep"). They talk about recording and production, multi-reeds and composition, creation and application of sampled beats, Black Lives Matter, social change, and the Blue Note All-Stars.

Marcus Strickland
Interview conducted April 17, 2018

Tracks played:
Sissoko’s Voyage
Tic Toc

All tracks from Nihil Novi (Blue Note)

Charles Haynes - Drums
Kyle Miles - Electric Bass
Mitch Henry - Keyboards, Organ, Organ [B-3], Clavinet, Organ [Wurlitzer], Electric Piano [Rhodes]
Masayuki Hirano - Keyboards
Marcus Strickland - Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Keyon Harold - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Meshell Ndegeocello - Producer

Nihil Novi also includes appearances from singer Jean Baylor, bassists Pino Palladino and Ndegeocello, keyboardist James Francies, drummer Chris Dave, guitarist Chris Bruce, and pianist Robert Glasper.


SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: Love is a Battle – Track 5

UPLIFT Five: Love is a Battle

The phrase comes from a James Baldwin piece on the struggle for racial justice. There is hard work that we all have to do. I am also inspired by the George Yancy essay, Dear White America, from 2015. It’s not pretty. It’s a struggle. And as Baldwin says, love unmasks much about us we’d rather leave behind the mask. Get it out in the open and fight for it. NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Color of Change are both among the many organizations doing good hard work on this issue. I will be contributing and continuing to grow and evolve.

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ANFTD #50: Ted Daniel

Interviewed on APRIL 8, 2018

Ted Daniel, trumpeter and composer from New York state, pioneer of using various kinds of trumpets, early exponent of improvised structures, colleague of musicians Archie Shepp, Dewey Redman, Sam Rivers, David S. Ware, Billy Bang, and Henry Threadgill. Dave and Ted talk about New York in the 1970s, studying the trumpet, the meaning of influences, listening to 78s, being a side musician, and more.


from Tapestry 1974
with Khan Jamal, Richard Daniel, Tim Ingles, Jerome Cooper.

Zulu’s Ball
from Zulu’s Ball 2015
with Joe Daley, Marvin Sewell, Charlie Burnham, Newman Taylor Baker.

High Priest
from Andrew Cyrille Special People 1980
with David S. Ware, Nick DiGeronimo, Andrew Cyrille.

from In The Beginning 1975
with Ahmed Abdullah, Danny Carter, Steve Reid, Oliver Lake, Arthur Blythe, Charles Tyler, and many more.


Brute Force - Yelewa
From Brute Force 1970
With Sonny Sharrock, Richard Daniel, others.

Arthur Brooks _ Trumpet
Ted Daniel – Flugelhorn
Stanley Strickland – Tenor sax, Vocal
Richard Daniel – Electric piano
Tim Ingles – Electric Bass
Thomas Lee Williams – Electric Bass
Sidney Smart – Drums
Robert A. Jones – conga drums
Sonny Sharrock - Guitar


SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: Truly the Sun - Track 4

UPLIFT Four: Truly the Sun

Excerpt from a poem written in 1911 by Japanese author and feminist Raicho Hiratsuka.

We are no longer the moon.
Today we are truly the sun.
We will build shining golden cathedrals
at the top of crystal mountains, East of
the Land of the Rising Sun.

Women, when you paint your own portrait,
do not forget to put the golden dome at
the top of your head.

Women’s empowerment, equal treatment, education, and health care are issues that intersect with every cause and movement. There is so much that has to change and this issue in particular can feel overwhelming. It impacts all walks of life, including, sadly, my particular area in music and the arts. It’s being addressed at a time when it seems our leaders want to take us backwards in time with their disregard for women. Expanding our consciousness is one thing we can all contribute, but we also must wherever possible join the fight for equal pay, equal rights, equal respect. I hope you will join me in supporting Off The Sidelines and Rise to Run, two nonprofits encouraging women to run for office, and Planned Parenthood, an essential organizer for women’s health and reproductive rights. I’ll be making donations and I hope you will join me. There is so much to be done and there are so many empowered women doing something about it.

This link is to Raicho Hiratsuke's autobiography, In The Beginning, Woman Was The Sun.

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ANFTD #49: Evan Parker

A Noise From The Deep, the Greenleaf Music Podcast, is proud to present this conversation with Evan Parker, one of the most important saxophonists, composers, and musical thinkers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Evan talks about his early musical experiences in, and out of, botany school, as well as his development of solo performance and his compositions for large ensembles of improvisers. Thanks to The Royal Academy of Music in London and its director Nick Smart for facilitating this discussion in front of a live audience.

Photos here are from the performance of Eight Elements of Change, by Dave Douglas, in January 2018 at the Royal Academy of Music, and featuring every one of its students. Thanks to photographer Simon Jay Price for the shots!

Titan Moon
Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Han Bennink

Sankt Gerold Variation 1
Paul Bley, Evan Parker, Barre Phillips

Karyōbin Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone
Kenny Wheeler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Derek Bailey - Electric Guitar
Dave Holland – Bass
John Stevens - Drums


Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone
Roscoe Mitchell - Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Anders Svanoe - Alto Saxophone
John Rangecroft - Clarinet
Neil Metcalfe - Flute
Corey Wilkes - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Nils Bultmann - Viola
Philipp Wachsmann - Violin
Marcio Mattos - Cello
Craig Taborn - Piano
Jaribu Shahid - Double-Bass
Barry Guy - Double-Bass
Tani Tabbal - Drums, Percussion
Paul Lytton - Drums, Percussion

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UPLIFT Three: Every Town

Responding to the current political and social climate of the United States and beyond, the UPLIFT Subscriber Series features twelve new Dave Douglas compositions for a new sextet that features Joe Lovano, Mary Halvorson, Julian Lage, Bill Laswell and Ian Chang. Challenging himself, and all of us to consider how we can contribute to positive change in our communities, we’re releasing a new track each month throughout 2018. Each piece highlights a specific social cause and references organizations doing important work.

Every Town is a powerful organization pleading for common sense gun controls in the United States. Action on this issue is so over due it is simply heartbreaking. This week we have been hearing from teenage survivors of a school shooting in Florida. We must listen and change our ways. We must give them the space and support to force change at the electoral level. We cannot continue to accept military weapons freely flowing in our streets. There are powerful organizations working on this issue. I hope you will join me in supporting them.

Ana Grace Project named for the daughter of Nelba Marquez-Greene and Jimmy Greene. They bring great resources to schools and communities across the country. Their motto: Love Wins.

Everytown for Gun Safety is closely allied with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Both are indispensable in making this issue heard in the corridors of power. They will be pushing for teenagers and families to be heard during this crucial time for change.

Join the campaign for sensible gun safety laws and politicians who are brave enough to support them. The struggle continues in the ballot box this November. Let’s do everything we can to love and support our families, friends and communities.

- Dave

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The second album by Sound Prints celebrates unity in divided times, featuring Lawrence Fields, Linda May Han Oh and Joey Baron. Available worldwide April 6.

Order on Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon

Co-leaders Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas have become revered figures in the modern jazz landscape. Throughout their stunningly diverse careers, both artists have absorbed the rich lessons of history and the free, seeking spirit of the forward-thinkers, bringing the entire spectrum to bear on their intensely individual voices. That, in essence, is the Scandal that Douglas had in mind when he penned the title track for the second album from his and Lovano’s co-led quintet Sound Prints.

“We’re not playing by the traditional, or school-taught, rules of jazz,” Douglas explains. “The ‘Scandal’ in question refers to our questioning of everything about the assumptions made in improvisation. To plumb the depths of the unknown in this day and age has become all too rare and risky, and this band courts that sensibility.”

There’s no greater living exemplar of that attitude, of course, than the iconic saxophonist/composer Wayne Shorter, who has obstinately followed – or, more appropriately, carved – his own path for more than half a century, from his time with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and Miles Davis’ unparalleled Second Great Quintet to his pioneering work as co-founder of the fusion group Weather Report, and on into his envelope-pushing modern quartet.

Shorter was the guiding light behind the formation of Sound Prints, whose name is a play on his classic piece “Footprints.” His influence also lives on in the remarkable bandmates that Douglas and Lovano invited into the project: pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda May Han Oh and veteran drummer Joey Baron. “From the beginning,” Lovano says, “Wayne Shorter has inspired us to be ourselves in the music and our lifetimes through whatever social struggles that might arise.”

Given the tempestuous nature of our current political moment, there’s an inevitable message to be taken away from all of this: namely, that what divides us isn’t nearly as severe as we imagine, and we can all make progress by celebrating those common principles that unite and inspire us. However unintentional the social commentary, that inclusive outlook has always been central to jazz, and it rings out loud and clear through the music of Sound Prints.

“After the history of our country over the last two years,” Douglas admits, “the sense of the word ‘scandal’ has changed and this title has come to, by default, refer to what’s happening in the newspaper. I won’t disown that, but our ‘Scandal’ exists right there in the music.”

“Sound Prints is a free-flowing, joyous expression of music in the social environment we live in today,” adds Lovano. “We dare to improvise and create music within the music — in a democratic way each piece comes to life on its own.”

In keeping with Shorter’s fiercely original attitude, Sound Prints focuses primarily on original compositions by Lovano and Douglas. Their self-titled debut, recorded live at the 2013 Monterey Jazz Festival, also included two new Shorter pieces composed especially for the band. This time around, the co-leaders’ nine new pieces are supplemented by a pair of reimagined Shorter classics: “JuJu” (arranged by Lovano) and “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum” (arranged by Douglas).

The two leaders had crossed paths on rare occasions for nearly twenty years before forming Sound Prints. Douglas was one of the special guests on Lovano’s 2001 Blue Note release Flights of Fancy: Trio Fascination Edition Two, and their respective tenures with the SFJAZZ Collective overlapped for three seasons, including one in which they explored the repertoire of Wayne Shorter.

The release of Scandal marks the first time the pair has recorded a full studio album of material together, however, and reveals a passionately adventurous band for whom no territory is off-limits. Since the release of Sound Prints their collective voice has only been further honed on stages around the world, making this follow-up an even more thrilling proposition.

“The language of our playing has certainly evolved,” Douglas says. “The whole concept of playing in dialogue, the collective spirit, the sharing of different roles, has grown with each successive concert and tour.”

Track Details:
1. Dream State (Douglas)
2. Full Sun (Lovano)
3. Fee Fi Fo Fum (Shorter, arr. Douglas)
4. Ups and Downs (Douglas)
5. The Corner Tavern (Lovano)
6. Scandal (Douglas)
7. Juju (Shorter, arr. Lovano)
8. Mission Creep (Douglas)
9. Full Moon (Lovano)
10. High Noon (Lovano)
11. Libra (Douglas)

Joe Lovano, tenor and G mezzo soprano saxophones
Dave Douglas, trumpet
Lawrence Fields, piano
Linda May Han Oh, bass
Joey Baron, drums

Production Credits:
Produced by Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas
Executive Producer: Dave Douglas
Recorded by Tyler McDiarmid at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY on September 4, 2017
Assisted by Todd Carder
Mixed and Mastered by Tyler McDiarmid
Cover photo by Austin Nelson
Musician photos by Merrick Winter
Design by Lukas Frei

SUBSCRIBER SERIES // UPLIFT: Lift All Boats - Track 2

UPLIFT Two: Lift All Boats

This month’s piece is dedicated to the movement for wealth equality and fairness. This is a huge issue with many moving pieces. Certainly, we need to urge our political leaders to consider economic fairness for all. There are many approaches to the problem, but it seems first we need to elect leaders who are interested in finding the solutions. This musical piece is a plea for thought and action towards wealth equality. There are many wonderful people and groups working on this; I look forward to continuing to learn how we can help support all of our brothers and sisters. And meanwhile hope you’ll join me in supporting these organizations:

National Committee On Pay Equity
My Brothers Keeper Alliance
New York Common Pantry

I have found that Charity Navigator is a good way to find more information about causes and organizations.
– Dave

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