ANFTD #25: Festival of New Trumpet Music 2014 (Subscribers Only)

Festival of New Trumpet Music 2014

September 17 to 28.

Dave Douglas talks with Brandon Peckman of WNYU about upcoming events in the trumpet festival. Meet Dave Douglas at any of the events found on above web site.

Dedicated to Raymond Mase.

American Brass Quintet gave its premiere in 1960. Before that there really was no conception of “contemporary brass music.” Raymond Mase has been trumpeter since the early 1970s. The Quintet has been the performer and dedicatee of countless modern brass quintet scores.

Recordings played:
Maurice Wright: Quintet
I. Bold and Strong
American Brass Quintet
Raymond Mase, Chris Gekker, David Wakefield, Michael Powell, Robert Biddlecome.

Jacob Garchik: This Song Is The Center Of The Universe
from The Heavens
Jacob Garchik, slide trumpet, trombone, sousaphone, baritone horn

Eric Ewazen: Shadowcatcher
I. Offering To The Sun
American Brass Quintet

Nadje Noordhuis: Big Footprint
Geoff Keezer, Joe Martin, Obed Calvaire

The Roy Campbell Ensemble
Akhenaten Suite Live at the Vision Festival
Billy Bang, Bryan Carrott, Hilliard Greene, Zen Matsuura

The Westerlies: Love, Love, Love
from Wish The Children Would Come Home, The Music Of Wayne Horvitz
Riley Mulherkar, Zubin Hensler, Andy Clausen, Willem De Koch

Kneebody: Break Me (Shane Endsley)
Shane Endsley, Ben Wendel, Adam Benjamin, Kaveh Rastegar, Nate Wood

Henry Butler – Steven Bernstein: Henry’s Boogie
from Henry Butler – Steven Bernstein and the Hot 9, Viper’s Drag
Henry Butler, Steven Bernstein, Reginald Veal, Herlin Riley, Charlie Burnham, Michael Blake, Erik Lawrence, Doug Wieselman, Curtis Fowlkes, Matthew Munisteri

No BS! Brass Band: The Lizard (Reggie Pace)
No BS! Brass Alive in Richmond
A Whole Bunch Of Brass Players From Richmond, VA. Who Will Be In New York On September 25, 2014.

Christian Gregor: Covenant
from A Storm In The Land: Music Of The 26th N.C. Regimental Band
The American Brass Quintet Brass Band

Jacob Druckman: Other Voices: IV
American Brass Quintet
Raymond Mase, Chris Gekker, David Wakefield, Michael Powell, Robert Biddlecome

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