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If There Are Mountains by Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler.

Track Listing:

1. If There Are Mountains​​
2. We Saw You Off​​
3. Even a Nameless Stream​
4. Wolf Orchard​​​
5. Haiku​​​​
6. Here on the Plains​​
7. Village of No Bells​
8. The Spring Current​​
9. With Your Singing​​
10. Arms Folded to the Moon​
11. A Thicket of Summer Grass​
12. Barn’s Burnt Down​​
13. Life​​​


Songs of Ascent: Book 2 – Steps, by the Dave Douglas Quintet: a companion album to Book 1 – Degrees.

Track Listing:

1. Quiver
2. Olive Shoots
3. Grass On The Roof
4. Let Your Ears Be Attentive
5. A Weaned Child
6. Make A Horn Grow
7. Dwelling of Brothers
8. Lift Up Your Hands


HUDSON SOLOS – Featuring a series of solo trumpet pieces written and performed by Dave Douglas.

Track Listing:

1. Fish
2. Let Your Ears Be Attentive
3. For Baikida
4. Partita No. 2
5. Ichabod
6. Seven Minutes for Kenny
7. For Some Reason in C
8. Mute Court


MARCHING MUSIC – a new suite of compositions for our moment. I conceived of these pieces as music you could have in your headphones when you attend Climate Marches, Demonstrations for Equal Rights, Voting Rights Movements, and all other actions towards a just society. Also, it’s music to spur all of us to go and vote in November 2020 in incontrovertible numbers. Non-voters are among the biggest voting blocs in the U.S. This is the moment when everyone has to step up an be a part of what our nation truly is. We can do it. May this music help and inspire you. I am optimistic and believe that we can make change, but we have to all be involved and engaged. Featuring Rafiq Bhatia, Melvin Gibbs, and Sim Cain. – Dave

SCORCHSaxophonist and composer Greg Ward shared this concerto that he composed for jazz quartet and string orchestra.

1. Scorch


ENGAGE is a direct descendant of UPLIFT, the 2018 set of compositions dedicated to positive action. We will be following up with all the organizations and causes invoked in that piece. And engaged in community and activism. People showed up in 2018, and our hope is that this trend will continue. We are going to need to be engaged to make the changes that will save our environment, our equality, our sciences and humanities. My hope is that everyone, in every field, will be involved and engaged in this work. Writing and performing these pieces is a reminder to myself not to get mired in the negativity — to stay positive and engaged through music daily. The personnel is Dave Douglas on trumpet, Jeff Parker on guitar, Tomeka Reid on cello, Anna Webber on alto and bass flutes and tenor saxophone, Nick Dunston on bass and Kate Gentile on drums.

MUSICOPHILIA. This piece was created during an event hosted by the Psychology Department at The New School For Social Research. It was the first time Kris and Dave had played together. Kris is, among other things, using a EBow to create vibrations within the piano on this piece. Dave is using various dismantlings of the trumpet and its tubes. Kris Davis and Dave Douglas graciously agreed to let us share this piece with you — exclusively — on this subscription feed. It was recorded and mixed by Joshua Liebman. Please enjoy, in what is certain to be shades of things to come, as Kris and Dave plan to continue this collaboration in the future.


UPLIFT – Our fourth exclusive album in the Subscriber Series, UPLIFT is Dave Douglas’ response to the current political and social climate of the United States and beyond. Challenging himself and all of us to consider how we can pitch in toward positive change, each track released throughout 2018 highlights a specific social cause and references organizations doing important work. The ensemble includes: Joe Lovano on tenor, clarinet, and flute; Mary Halvorson and Julian Lage on guitars; Bill Laswell on bass; Ian Chang on drums and electronics.


METAMORPHOSIS is Greenleaf’s third exclusive album in the Subscriber Series. One track will be released to our subscribers every month over the course of 2017. The personnel includes Dave Douglas and Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet, Oliver Lake on alto saxophone, Fred Frith on guitar, Matt Mitchell on modular synth, Kris Davis on piano, Yasushi Nakamura on acoustic bass, and Andrew Cyrille on drums.


NEW SANCTUARY is Greenleaf’s second exclusive album in the Subscriber Series. One track will be released to our subscribers every month over the course of 2016. The trio of musicians include Marc Ribot on guitar, Susie Ibarra on drums and percussion and Dave Douglas on trumpet.


SERIAL SESSIONS: A special, exclusive album for Subscribers released over the course of 2015. The band is made of Greenleaf Music Alumni: Dave Douglas on trumpet, Chet Doxas on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Ryan Keberle on trombone, Frank Woeste on piano, Linda Oh on bass, and Rudy Royston on drums.


1. Blue Over Gold (alt) – Linda Oh’s Sun Pictures
2. Long Sought Home – Riverside
3. Bridge to Nowhere – Dave Douglas Quintet
4. Supplication (alt) – Dave Douglas & Uri Caine
5. Shortest DayMatt Ulery’s Loom
6. GinasteraRyan Keberle & Catharsis
7. One MorningDave Douglas Quintet
8. Be Still My Soul (live)Dave Douglas Quintet
9. Barbara AllenDave Douglas & The Westerlies


1. Garden State (live)Dave Douglas Quintet

2. Big Money (outtake)Rudy Royston


1. Tough (live)Dave Douglas & Keystone
2. Recommended Tools (alt)Donny McCaslin
3. Poor Man’s CureMichael Bates
4. Hope (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy
5. Kitten (live)Dave Douglas & Keystone
6. What Is This Thing Called LoveDonny McCaslin
7. Prayer For Baghdad (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
8. United Front (outtake)Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy
9. Scopes (live)Dave Douglas & Keystone
10. Split PersonalityKey Motion Quintet
11. Five Hands DownKey Motion Quintet
12. Going Somewhere With You (alt)Dave Douglas Quintet


1. Just Say This (live) – Dave Douglas Quintet
2. Seth Thomas (live) – Dave Douglas Quintet
3. Olive’s Big Mess (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
4. Come To Jesus (outtake) – Dave Douglas Quintet
5. Venus Observed (live) – Blue Latitudes Trio
6. Lonely Woman (live) – Blue Latitudes Trio
7. AWD (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
8. Mabel Normand (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
9. Take Refuge (live) – Indigo Trio
10. October Surprise (live) – Dave Douglas Quintet
11. Photosynthesis (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
12. Flood Plane (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone


1. Summit Music (alt) – Dave Douglas
2. Twelve Degrees Proof (alt) – Dave Douglas
3. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (live) – Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy
4. Leaving Autumn (outtake) – Dave Douglas Quintet
5. Owens (outtake) – Dave Douglas Quintet
6. Elk’s Club (live) – Dave Douglas Quintet
7. Meaning and Mystery (outtake) – Dave Douglas Quintet
8. Pool Sharks (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
9. Educational (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
10. Love and Donuts (live) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
11. Conception (live) – Adam Benjamin
12. Wheatgrass (live) – Indigo Trio


1. AWD (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
2. Luke The Dog (outtake) – Dave Douglas & Keystone
3. Seventeen (live) – Dave Douglas Quintet
4. Bub (outtake) – Kneebody
5. Just Another Murder (live) – Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy


2015: Dave Douglas Quintet – Brazen Heart Live at Jazz Standard – Complete – 8 Sets


2013: Dave Douglas Quintet – Live Fall


2011: Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy – Live at Jazz Standard


2011: Dave Douglas & So Percussion – Live at Jazz Standard


2011: Key Motion Quintet – Live at Jazz Standard


2011: Orange Afternoons Quintet – Live at Jazz Standard


2009: Dave Douglas Quintet – Live at Village Vanguard


2008: Dave Douglas & Keystone – Live at Jazz Standard – 2 Sets


2006: Dave Douglas Quintet – Live at Jazz Standard – 2 Bonus Sets


2006: Dave Douglas Quintet – Live at Jazz Standard – 12 Sets