Preview first single from Douglas/Caine/Cyrille album ‘Devotion’

Hear an excerpt from "Rose and Thorn," devoted to Mary Lou Williams.

Dave Douglas ‘Showing Up’ will be available Saturday at Record Store Day

Grab a special edition 7" from Dave Douglas, Showing Up, which features tracks from our two recent subscribers series.

SUBSCRIBER SERIES // ENGAGE: One Sun, A Million Rays – Track 4

We're grateful for the warmth of the sun over the centuries, and we're grateful for the support systems whereby we help each other and support those in need. This tune is built on a steady but indefinite rhythmic underpinning, over which all unfolds.

Pre-Order for Douglas/Caine/Cyrille’s ‘Devotion’ Begins Today

We’re excited to launch the pre-order for the new Douglas | Caine | Cyrille album, Devotion.

Preview ‘Devotion’ Now

Hear an excerpt featuring the track "D'Andrea," inspired by the Italian composer Frank D'Andrea.

Announcing a new release: ‘Devotion’

Devotion, featuring Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, and Andrew Cryille, will be released on May 17!

Preview Third Engage Track on Bandcamp

Hear an excerpt from "How Are The Children?" via Bandcamp.

UPLIFT video from Sons’D’Hiver Festival in February

Check out a couple of tracks captured at the Sons D'Hiver Festival in France last month.

Preview New Engage Track on Soundcloud

Hear an excerpt from "How Are The Children?" featuring trumpeter Dave Adewumi.

New Dave Douglas release for Record Store Day

Record Store Day is releasing a special edition 7" from Dave Douglas on Saturday, April 13.

Facts and Fictions

One of the most inspiring aspects of writing for Alarm Will Sound is being part of the enormous breadth of the work they do.

SUBSCRIBER SERIES // ENGAGE: How Are The Children? – Track 3

Rev. Traci Blackmon brought my attention to this expression from the Maasai. It resonates on so many levels. It came to me around issues towards sensible regulation of firearms in this country. To save lives.