A four track EP of Mareike Wiening’s original music. Recorded live in Switzerland in January 2020.

Available in digital format on Bandcamp.

We’ve just launched a new live EP by drummer and composer Mareike Wiening!

Live at Bird’s Eye Basel was recorded at Bird’s Eye Basel in Switzerland in during a European tour supporting the release of Mareike’s debut album, Metropolis Paradise. The four track set features all original compositions performed by her seasoned touring band featuring saxophonist Rich Perry, guitarist Alex Goodman, pianist Glenn Zaleski, and bassist Johannes Felscher.

This release is available for purchase on Bandcamp in digital format only.

Track Details

1. Metropolis Paradise (Live)
2. Misconception (Live)
3. Future Memories (Live)
4. The Other Soul (Live)


Rich Perry, tenor saxophone
Glenn Zaleski, piano
Alex Goodman, guitar
Johannes Felscher, bass
Mareike Wiening, drums

Production Credits

Produced by Mareike Wiening
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Johannes Felscher
Recorded live January 15th, 2020 at Bird’s Eye in Basel, Switzerland
Photo by Norbert Saemann
Design by Robyn Ardagh

All compositions and arrangements by Mareike Wiening (GEMA)

Tracks 1 and 2 are live versions of pieces that appear on Marieke’s 2019 studio album, Metropolis Paradise.

Press Inquiries

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