Pre-Order for Douglas/Caine/Cyrille’s ‘Devotion’ Begins Today

Photo by by Anna Yatskevich

We’re excited to launch the pre-order for the new Douglas | Caine | Cyrille album, Devotion.

Featuring Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, and Andrew Cryille, the album features new Douglas original compositions devoted to a number of today’s greatest composers.

The sequel to the 2014 Douglas-Caine album Present Joys that centered on renditions of Sacred Harp tunes, Devotion adds the beautiful percussive voice of Andrew Cyrille. A master drummer who has collaborated with a broad range of artists including Cecil Taylor, Babatunde Olatunji, Irène Schweizer, Anthony Brazxton, Oliver Lake, and Reggie Workman, Cyrille will be honored as the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Honoree by the Vision Festival in June.

The album’s first single, “Rose and Thorn,” is streaming now on Spotify.

Pre-order the album now on Bandcamp and iTunes you’ll receive the first single instantly! The album releases worldwide on May 17.

Enjoy the music!