Pre-order Trish Clowes ‘A View with a Room’ now

Today we release the pre-order from A View with a Room, the new album from saxophonist Trish Clowes!

And we’re launching the title track as the first single. The title suggests a surreal, and yet strangely relatable concept, forced upon much of the world during this deeply isolating time. Beginning with some funky drums, sax and piano quickly join with some syncopated riffs that undergird the piece, before things morph into an optimistic melody by sax and guitar. Clowes takes the first solo, with guitar grooving along. Piano joins the fun before leading the second solo, with sax and guitar providing subtle atmospheric underpinning. Guitar takes the final solo and the energy builds to a climax, which quickly jumps to a dramatic half time pause before quickly shifting back to the original groove as the piece ends. The contrast of the near-constant drumming with the shifting roles of the sax / guitar / piano keeps the listener engaged throughout.

You can stream the track here. And if you pre-order now, you’ll get can download the title track instantly. And check out Trish introducing the track and the album in the video below.

A View with a Room releases on April 22nd. The group tours the UK beginning April 5th. Check the full list of dates here.