Pre-order Rudy Royston’s ‘PaNOptic’ now!

Drummer Rudy Royston presents PaNOptic, an album of solo drum music highlighting the full sonic possibilities of the drum set.

Rudy decided that now was the time to get this music out into the world. Rudy and Greenleaf Music are donating 100% of their proceeds from this album to the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

As Rudy says, “It is my sincerest pleasure to donate 100% of the proceeds of this album to charity. I myself have received financial assistance from MusiCares and other organizations alike. In a time when many of my fellow musicians and others in the entertainment business are in financial hardship from loss of work, faced with uncertainty about the future of work, I am honored to offer any help I can.” Read Rudy’s full statement on MusiCares here.

Featuring 23 tracks of tone poems, tributes to some jazz greats (Elvin Jones, Max Roach), church illustrations, and tunes he likes to play, the music features Rudy on drums, cymbals, and even voice.

The album is only being released digitally and is available exclusively from our Bandamp store.

The price of the album is $20, but if you choose to pay more at checkout, all additional funds will go directly to MusiCares.

Pre-order now and get the track “maXX” immediately. The full album will be available on Friday, June 19th.


1. BlaCk–Bad CoMPAny—BiRd (3:34)
2. bLUes (3:09)
3. ciTy buS StOp (0:59)
4. defeRRed (4:41)
5. desirE (3:05)
6. foolish (3:00)
7. intO ElVin (3:17)
8. BilL (1:45)
9. Jack, fIgHt oR FligHT (3:30)
10. maXX (1:33)
11. oWhNet (0:33)
12. s’TRopHy (4:18)
13. come (1:15)
14. I’m Coming Home (4:45)
15. MOTHER KELLY and the preacher part 1 (0:56)
16. mother kelly and THE PREACHER part 2 – sermon (4:02)
17. mr zoot suite–bruh Arnold 3:23)
18. oNe SnaP fIngER (2:48)
19. PaNOptic (3:29)
20. pANt 1 (1:54)
21. pANt 2 (2:33)
22. pop LOVE song (prinS-esh) (2:55)
23. We Real Cool (1:34)

Rudy Royston, drums, cymbals, voice

Executive Producer: Dave Douglas
Producer: Rudy Royston
Recorded on December 18, 2013 at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, NJ
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Tom Tedesco
Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering
Photography and design by Rudy Royston

All compositions by Rudy Royston (Rudy Royston Publishing / ASCAP)