Pre-order for Emi Makabe’s ‘Anniversary’ available now

Today’s the day we launch the pre-order for Anniversary, the wonderful upcoming album from vocalist, composer and shamisen player Emi Makabe.

The album is a rich blend of pop and Japanese folk melodies with cross-cultural instrumentation and jazz improvisation in the form of eleven of Emi’s original compositions. The music is performed by a quartet featuring Thomas Morgan on bass, Vitor Gonçalves on piano / accordion, and Kenny Wollesen on drums / vibraphone. Check out the album details below.

You can pre-order the album now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

Check out the first single, Treeing, available for listening on Spotify  Apple Music, Amazon Music, and TIDAL. Greenleaf subscribers can hear this track in their feed and will be able to stream and download the entire album once it’s released on October 30th. Subscribe here to join our community of music listeners.

And watch this beautiful video for the song, created by ZUZU & Megumi Fujimura:

Album Details:

Track Listing:
1. Treeing (3:21)
2. Joy (7:23)
3. Chimney Sweeper (5:40)
4. Moon & I (4:52)
5. Something Love (4:54)
6. Flash (3:12)
7. I Saw The Light (3:53)
8. Mielcke (2:53)
9. O Street (3:37)
10. Rino (4:50)
11. Anniversary (3:49)

Emi Makabe, voice/shamisen
Vitor Gonçalves, piano/accordion
Thomas Morgan, double bass
Kenny Wollesen, drums/vibraphone

Production Credits:
Recorded at Brooklyn Recording, New York City on August 25, 2018
Recording Engineers Andy Taub, Nate Mendelsohn, Akihiro Nishimura
Mixed by Nathaniel Morgan at Buckminster Palace
Mastered by Wayne Peet at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles
Design: Megumi Fujimura
Photography: ZUZU, Antonio Porcar Cano, Cristina Zuppa, Dave Farkas, David Schwartz
Executive Producer: Dave Douglas
Producer: Emi Makabe

All music and lyrics written by Emi Makabe (BMI) except “Chimney Sweeper,” music by Emi Makabe, lyrics by William Blake.