Pre-order for Dave Douglas ‘Dizzy Atmosphere’ begins today

It’s pre-order day for the forthcoming Dave Douglas album, Dizzy Atmosphere!

Subtitled “Dizzy Gillespie at Zero Gravity,” the album is inspired by the life and music of trumpeter and composer Dizzy Gillespie. Douglas has put together compositions inspired by Gillespie, as well as choice arrangements of Dizzy pieces.  The band features Dave along with Dave Adewumi, guitarist Matthew Stevens, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Carmen Rothwell, and drummer Joey Baron.

Dave says the music comes from “taking a deep dive into his work, and thinking about why is this so important to me, and how can I reflect that in a way that has something to do with where we are now in 2020. I hope that people hear it, and get curious to hear more of his music.”

Pre-order the CD / digital from our Bandcamp store here and save 20% now using the discount code ‘glm20′ at checkout. And Bandcamp purchases also get an exclusive bonus track, an arrangement of the Gillespie classic, “Woody N’ You.” You can also grab the album at other outlets including iTunes and Amazon here. And you can stream the first single “Manteca,” too.

Subscribers get this new album in their feed automatically. Join us today and save 20% here. No discount code required.

Check out an excerpt “Manteca” in this album trailer video: