Perpetual Motion

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Following the sparse tenor trio album Recommended Tools (Greenleaf, 2008), Perpetual Motion is a 180° turn for McCaslin. Never sounding more confident, McCaslin delves into angular post-bop, blistering polyphonic funk, backbeat-driven R&B, and delicate, ethereal balladry, all without compromising his distinct compositional voice.

Electronic elements are well-represented here: Adam Benjamin (Kneebody, Dave Douglas’ Keystone) conjures the Rings of Saturn with his highly modulated Fender Rhodes, bassist Tim Lefebvre punches sub-octave squarewave fuzz, and producer David Binney contributes his own synth sonics occasionally. All of this on a bed of deep drum grooves—that duty split between the masterful Antonio Sanchez and Mark Guiliana. Guest musician Uri Caine makes appearances as well, contributing his unique Fender Rhodes and piano playing to the tracks including the emphatic record closer.

Subscriber Bonus: What Is This Thing Called Love?

Recorded by WBGO backstage at the 2009 Montreal Jazz Festival, this Cole Porter classic is played by Donny McCaslin solo tenor saxophone. And it rips!

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