Dave Douglas – Twelve Degrees Proof (outtake)

An outtake of Dave Douglas' "Twelve Degrees Proof" from the "Mountain Passages" recording session. A misstep in the form of the song by one of the players is what caused this one to break down. But for that, this track was sizzling.

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[glm_cloaked_dl file="2006_02_TwelveDegreesProof.mp3" directory="sub_downloads/"]Download "Twelve Degrees Proof (outtake)" [MP3, 4.9MB][/glm_cloaked_dl]


Dave at Zankel Hall, New Keystone Video

On February 18, 2006, Dave Douglas & Keystone will play Zankel Hall in New York City. The performance will mark the multimedia premiere of Keystone in New York City. If you've seen Keystone perform live with the Arbuckle films, you know it's a particularly uncommon experience in jazz. The performance is an exciting one because Zankel Hall is part of Carnegie Hall, one of the great venues in the world. For ticket information, go to Carnegie Hall's website. The performance is part of the John Adams' "In Your Ear Too" series.

To celebrate this performance, we're showing another Arbuckle film scored with Dave's music: Fatty's Plucky Pup. Neither this film nor Dave's score, "Luke The Dog," is included on the Keystone CD/DVD. For all you drummers out there, check out Gene Lake on this one!

Q & A with Petr Vidomus

Q & A: Dave Douglas with Petr Vidomus
Harmonie Magazine, Czech Republic
January 2006
I heard that when you studied at New England Conservatory, the Carmine Caruso method was very effective for you. Can you describe what that is, why it was effective, and what suggestions you might have for trumpeters seeking to develop their own language?
It is a pleasure to be able to talk about Carmine Caruso. He saved me. I always struggled as a trumpet player - the technique did not come naturally to me. Carmine’s method enabled me to find a natural way to make sound on the instrument and then apply it to the music I wanted to play. I still study with Laurie Frink, who was the top student of Carmine’s method and now has developed her own personal approach to teaching trumpet based on her own wisdom and experience. So, in answer to your question, I urge everyone to go take a lesson with Laurie Frink! She can be reached at: LAFRINK@aol.com. I’ve spoken with her about this, and she is OK with me giving out her email. I can’t recommend her highly enough. (Full disclosure: I do not get a commission....)

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