Cypress Hills (P.S. 89) Music Program

Charity is on all our minds these days. Unfortunately, there is a dire need.

The music community is no different, as drastic cuts affect music education in the schools and it becomes harder and more rare for kids to get a hands-on involvement in music. I got my start in the public schools and without that I don't know where I'd be today.

Sarah Ferholt, trumpeter from Zlatne Uste, forwarded me this information about a benefit for a cause that could really make a difference for some young Brooklyn musicians from Cypress Hills Community School (P.S. 89 in Brooklyn).

The Cypress Hills Community School is a small progressive public school in East New York, Brooklyn, NY. From 2001 through spring of 2004 there was no financial support at all for the music program at our school. The entire program was built on donations, grants, and creative thinking...

Because our local community is in one of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city, our neighborhood is not in a position to offer financial support.

We will be hosting an evening of music to celebrate the successes of our new music program and to raise the financial support necessary to continue the program through the spring of 2006.

WHEN? Monday Oct. 17th 6:30 - 8:30
WHERE? Borough Hall Brooklyn

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I have a few final FONT Music posts.

August 19th at SPARK
(which is a great little theater in Chelsea, it's on 22nd and 7th Ave. and can be rented for a very fair price for shows, classes, etc.)

It has been a great month for me. Getting to hear so many great gigs has been a rare and unexpected treat. I have learned something from each of the fine trumpet artists whose music I heard. This night was no different.

Jesse Neuman and the Bruce Lee Band (no, not THAT Bruce Lee Band, THIS Bruce Lee Band) played a really focused set of electro-acoustic original music and covers. No one instrument or player takes primacy in this band and it was great to hear the electric trumpet blend so well with electric guitar and bass. Aside from being an eloquent trumpeter Jesse is also a great composer.

Sarah Wilson played and sang selections from her new CD. It was unusual music, and yet highly lyrical. It's hard to write quirky melodies and rhythms and have them sound so effortless. Sarah does this really well. Her band was picked from among NY's finest, featuring Steve Cardenas, Jerome Harris, Peck Allmond, and Kenny Wollesen.

Matt Shulman's band features the ubiquitous bassist Matt Clohesy and great drummer Jason Wildman. They provided a rich and full underpinning to Matt's incredibly virtuosic playing and singing. Matt is also the inventor and developer of the Shulman System, a device based on principles of Alexander Technique and the acoustics of wave impedance. It seems to be working ...