Indigo Trio, Mitchell/Bankhead/Drake – “Wheatgrass”

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. An unreleased 14+ minute live track from the Indigo Trio (Nicole Mitchell, Harrison Bankhead, Hamid Drake) titled Wheatgrass.

Adam Benjamin – Conception

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. An unreleased track from Kneebody keyboardist Adam Benjamin's album "It's A Standard, Standard, Standard World." Conception by George Shearing.

Dave Douglas & Keystone Live at Banff: Love and Donuts

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. Love and Donuts by Dave Douglas & Keystone performed live at the Banff Workshop, 2006. Recording supervised by Joe Ferla.

Dave Douglas – Educational

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. The unreleased track Educational from Dave Douglas & Keystone's 2005 Keystone sessions. With DJ Olive, Brad Jones, Gene Lake, David Torn.

Dave Douglas – Pool Sharks

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. Dave Douglas' early edit and mix of Pool Sharks, from the grammy-nominated 2005 Keystone Studio sessions.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Meaning and Mystery

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. The title track from the album by the same name, recorded at the same session in 2006 that yielded the Dave Douglas Quintet album Meaning and Mystery, but did not appear on the record.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Elk’s Club (live)

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. Elk's Club, Live at the Green Mill by Dave Douglas Quintet. More shenanigans surrounding the encounter with furry, antlered beings, this time in front of an enthusiastic live audience at one of Dave's favorite joints.

Dave Douglas Quintet – Owens

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. Another track, Owens, from the February 2006 Meaning and Mystery recording date (not on the record is because of its length).

Dave Douglas – Leaving Autumn

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. Recorded at the 2006 Meaning and Mystery session, Leaving Autumn features Dave in a trio setting with two of his favorite players, Clarence Penn and James Genus.

Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy- I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (live)

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry performed by Dave Douglas & Brass Ecstasy. The classic Hank Williams ballad, in a new bluesy arrangement.

Dave Douglas – Twelve Degrees Proof (outtake)

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. An outtake of Dave Douglas' "Twelve Degrees Proof" from the "Mountain Passages" recording session.

Dave Douglas – Summit Music (alternate take)

Greenleaf Subscriber Series. An alternate take of the Dave Douglas composition "Summit Music" from the Mountain Passages recording session.