ANFTD #66: Sam Newsome

Dave talks to Sam Newsome about being a solo soprano saxophonist, how he creates his recordings, and the basic underlying decisions that guide his work.

ANFTD #65: Ryan Keberle introduces ‘The Hope I Hold’

Special edition: This is a recording made by NY trombonist Ryan Keberle about his new record 'The Hope I Hold', which we're releasing on June 28.

ANFTD #64: Fay Victor

Fay Victor comes to visit the podcast with music in many collaborations.

ANFTD #63: Roxy Coss

This month's episode visits Roxy Coss, composer, saxophonist, and activist.

ANFTD #62: Tomeka Reid

Delighted to speak with Tomeka Reid about her work as a cellist and improviser/composer.

ANFTD #61: Anna Webber

Dave and Anna talk about how she develops her elaborately wrought compositions and her surprising sources and inspirations. Her path as a player of flutes and saxophones.

ANFTD #60: Kate Gentile

Extraordinary drummer, composer, percussionist Kate Gentile talks with Dave about her compositions, her album, Mannequins, and her wide ranging collaborations.

ANFTD #59: Nabaté Isles

NSI Universal recording artist Nabaté Isles joins Dave to discuss his new album Eclectic Excursions.

ANFTD #58: Melvin Gibbs

Dave talks to legendary bassist, composer, producer Melvin Gibbs.

ANFTD #57: Marilyn Crispell

Pianist and composer Marilyn Crispell joins Dave Douglas to discuss her music, collaborations, composition and her life as a self-described “traveling bum.”

ANFTD #56: Rudy Royston introduces Flatbed Buggy

Special edition: Recording made and edited by Rudy Royston about his new record Flatbed Buggy on Greenleaf Music - release date October 26, 2018. Thrilled to post this on the Greenleaf podcast feed.

ANFTD #55: Linda Briceño

Dave talks to Linda Briceño - also known as Ella Bric - trumpeter, songwriter, singer and producer. In 2014, Linda’s first album, Tiempo, was nominated for two Latin Grammys, including Best New Artist and Best Pop Traditional Album.