ANFTD #71: Darius Jones

Dave's conversation with saxophonist, composer, educator Darius Jones about his work organizing large groups and improvising with players like Matthew Shipp and Matt Mitchell.

ANFTD #70: Mareike Wiening

Dave talks to Mareike Wiening about her new recording for Greenleaf Music. Producing the session, creating the music, leading the musicians through her music.

Jimmy Owens Podcast

ANFTD #69: Jimmy Owens

Dave talks with trumpeter, composer and NEA Jazz Master 2012 Jimmy Owens.

ANFTD #68: Andrew Cyrille

Dave visits legendary drummer and composer Andrew Cyrille to talk about how he organizes his music, why he calls Dave “David,” and his recent record Lebroba with Wadada Leo Smith and Bill Frisell.

ANFTD #67: Alexis Cuadrado

Bassist and composer Alexis Cuadrado joins Dave to talk about his background in Barcelona and his influences from Flamenco, jazz, poetry and more.

ANFTD #66: Sam Newsome

Dave talks to Sam Newsome about being a solo soprano saxophonist, how he creates his recordings, and the basic underlying decisions that guide his work.

ANFTD #65: Ryan Keberle introduces ‘The Hope I Hold’

Special edition: This is a recording made by NY trombonist Ryan Keberle about his new record 'The Hope I Hold', which we're releasing on June 28.

ANFTD #64: Fay Victor

Fay Victor comes to visit the podcast with music in many collaborations.

ANFTD #63: Roxy Coss

This month's episode visits Roxy Coss, composer, saxophonist, and activist.

ANFTD #62: Tomeka Reid

Delighted to speak with Tomeka Reid about her work as a cellist and improviser/composer.

ANFTD #61: Anna Webber

Dave and Anna talk about how she develops her elaborately wrought compositions and her surprising sources and inspirations. Her path as a player of flutes and saxophones.

ANFTD #60: Kate Gentile

Extraordinary drummer, composer, percussionist Kate Gentile talks with Dave about her compositions, her album, Mannequins, and her wide ranging collaborations.