The Music of Pythagoras

Been reading The Music of Pythagoras: How an Ancient Brotherhood Cracked the Code of the Universe and Lit the Path from Antiquity to Outer Space, by Kitty Ferguson.

Facts and Fictions

One of the most inspiring aspects of writing for Alarm Will Sound is being part of the enormous breadth of the work they do.

Tea at The St. Regis

This great piece on Henry Threadgill brought up the name Steve Backer, a guy I hadn’t thought about in a while, and who I really miss. He had a big impact on my path as a musician, all behind the scenes.

Wood Shedding Season

Been splitting and stacking since July, and now the wood shed is almost full and ready for the winter to come. Somehow satisfying to go out and smack those logs around an get them into shape when so much is uncontrollable.

Beam Me Up

We're getting closer to the kind of hand-held devices used to convey large quantities of data in the Star Trek series.